October 20-29, 2023

International Production Design Week is a dedicated week in celebration of production design around the world which will unite the production design community across Canada for the first time.

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CPD Week Full Public Schedule

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Art Department
Art Gallery

October 20th-December 20th

Opening during Canadian Production Design Week, we have created our first ever Art Department Art Gallery Exhibit taking place at the DGC Ontario Hub in Toronto (Submissions closed).

Join us opening day on October 20th:

DGC Ontario Hub
65 Heward Ave.
Weekdays Only:


Virtual ticketholders will gain access to watch all virtual panels live or view later on our virtual video portal. Recorded in-person events will be uploaded to the video portal when ready.


Art Direction: Implementing Design and Preparing for Challenges

Understand the work of Supervising Art Directors in this discussion surrounding being prepared for the unknown, implementing the Production Designer's vision and managing the Art Department.


Panelists: Kimberly Zaharko (Interview with the Vampire, Pachinko, Mrs. America) , Felix Lariviere-Charron (Dune II, Transformers: Rise of the Beast, Moonfall), Martha Sparrow (The Handmaid's Tale, Poker Face, Shining Girls), Catherine Ircha (Peacemaker, See, Night at the Museum 3)


Moderator: Jody Clement


Sponsored by DGC Ontario & DGC National


7-9PM ET


In Conversation with Creative Director and Production Designer Ethan Tobman

There is not one thing that Ethan Tobman can't design. From Beyonce's Formation Music video, to the film The Menu, the Limited series Pam & Tommy and the sold out world famous Taylor Swift The Eras Tour; Ethan Tobman will discuss his multifaceted career with us.


Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX


7-9PM ET


Creating Personality and Solving Problems with Set Decoration

In this talk, we will deep dive into the work of Set Decorators. Set Decorators discuss their experiences imbuing each set with personality even when inevitable challenges create setbacks.


Panelists: Paul Hotte (Arrival, The Spiderwick Chronicles), Ann Smart (Transformers: Rise of the Beast, Moonfall), Sandy Walker (See, Deadpool 2), Carol Lavallee (Jurassic World: Dominion, Noelle), Patricia Cuccia (Priscilla, Amsterdam, Brokeback Mountain )


Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by Set Decorators Society of America


7-9PM ET


Patrick O'Keefe's Animation Masterclass: Across the Spiderverse

Toronto born, LA based Patrick O’Keefe will present his masterclass on designing for animation on Thursday, October 26th. Patrick’s career has been a collision of timelines from across the art-verse, starting with graffiti, then studying animation at Sheridan, painting at Emily Carr, followed by working in gaming. More recently he managed the art direction and visual development on films such as 'Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse' and 'Hotel Transylvania 3', also designing Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse.' 


Moderator: Liz Bischof


Sponsored by Shot Deck


7-9pm ET


Virtual Production: Best-Use Case Study of Obi-Wan Kenobi with Todd Cherniawsky

Production Designer Todd Cherniawsky breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly about working inside the volume and with the virtual art department. Having been at the forefront of breaking in this new technology, from the 'Mandalorian' to 'Ahsoka', Todd has seen it all and has created his own best use case study with Obi-Wan Kenobi which he will present. 


Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX


7-9pm ET


Designing for Cirque Du Soleil with François Seguin

Enter the magic of the Cirque du Soleil shows with this deep discussion with François Seguin and how he has been collaborating with the Cirque over the years.


Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by Pulp Art Surfaces


9AM-10:30AM ET


In Conversation: 'Foundation' Production Designer Rory Cheyne x 'Ahsoka' Production Designer Todd Cherniawsky

Rory Cheyne and Todd Cherniawsky converse about their latest shows production designer to production designer.


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX


10:45-12:15PM ET


Open Dialogue: Liaising with Locations

In this open dialogue we explore the many challenges and benefits of working on location. We will also discuss creating great relationships with the Locations Department and Locations Manager in order to find and create the best environment for any project.


Panelists: Brian Kane (PD: Yellowjackets, Essex County), Trevor Smith (PD: Heartland, Fargo), John Rakich (LM: The Changeling, See), Rocco Matteo (PD: Rabbit Hole, The Lost Symbol), Mohammad Qazzaz (ULM: The Last of Us, Fargo)

Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by DGC Ontario & DGC National


1:15-2:30PM ET


Working in Smaller Production Centres

In this virtual panel we highlight production designers and art department professionals working in smaller cities with far less film production infrastructure to go around. From Calgary and Winnipeg to Halifax and St. Johns, we discuss the present state and what possibilities there are for the future if each area was nurtured.


Panelists: Xavier George (Hudson & Rex, Cast No Shadow), Matt Likely (From, AD: The Lighthouse), Nicole Simmons (DoorMouse, Beyond Black Beauty), Réjean Labrie (The Porter, Padre)


Moderator: Julian Peters (SD: Hudson & Rex, Rookie Blue)


Sponsored by DGC Ontario & DGC National


2:45-4:15PM ET


In Conversation with Production Designer Dennis Gassner

'Skyfall', '1917', and 'Blade Runner 2049' Production Designer Dennis Gassner waxes philosophic about his process using 'The Wall', and the importance of learning the history of production design and the art department in order to work more effectively.


Moderator: Michael Joy


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX

4:30-6:15PM ET


They Don’t Pay Me to Say No: My Life in Props with Dean Goodine

In this conversation, Prop Master of Peter Pan & Wendy, Schmigadoon!, See, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Assassination of Jesse James, Dean Goodine will read a short passage from his recent book, "They Don't Pay Me to Say No: My Life in Film & Television Props" and share stories and lessons from his long and successful career in the property department.


Moderator: Production Designer, Mark Freeborn (Breaking Bad, Bates Motel).


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX


6:30-8PM ET


Claude Paré's Advice for a Life in the Art Department

Claude Paré gives his advice to fellow Production Designers and the Art Department after a long career moving up the ranks and dealing with many successes and a few failures along the way. Claude gets candid and pointed in this talk about a life in the art department.


Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX


10:30-12:15PM ET


Designing Graphics for Film

Did you ever wonder how movie character had their own passport, that so many novelist have their own books and so much more. Graphic Design is a key element of the Production Design in a project. Join us for this talk into learning the challenges and success of our Graphic Designer Panelists


Panelists: Carl Lessard (Arrival, Transformers: Rise of the Beast), Erin Sinclair (Peter Pan & Wendy, The Adam Project), Ian Turner (The Umbrella Academy, Designated Survivor).


Sponsored by DGC Ontario & DGC National


1:30-2:30PM ET


Prop Design, Building, and Fabrication with Walter Klassen FX

Learn from our Founding Sponsor Walter Klassen and Prop Specialist Ray Lai (Elysium, The Boys, Peacemaker), among others, all of the secrets to making a prop realistic to fit the need of a specific project.


Panelists: Ray Lai, Taku Dazai, Emma Donaghue, Evan Webber, and Rhys Yorke


Moderator: Matt Middleton


Sponsored by Walter Klassen FX


2:45-4:15PM ET


Closing Keynote: Production Designer Jeremy Hindle Speaks with Students About Fostering Ideas

With a short closing speech, Top Gun Maverick and Severence Production Designer Jeremy Hindle engages with students about their hopes and dreams and how they foster ideas and inspiration to create while giving insight into his own process.


Sponsored by DGC Ontario


4:30-6PM ET



Théâtre Fairmount | 5240 Avenue du Parc, Montreal


Opening Keynote Speaker: The Art of Production Design with Patrice Vermette

Oscar-winning production designer of Dune, Arrival, and Prisoners, Patrice Vermette will give the opening keynote address followed by a discussion with Patrice about the influence production designers have over the story and script as visual ideas are expressed in the early stages of a project and morph into reality.

Moderator: Emmanuel Hoss-Desmarais


Sponsored by DGC National


9-10:45AM ET

A Case Study of The Handmaid's Tale with Production Designer Elisabeth Williams

Production Designer Elisabeth Williams takes us into her design process and evolution from Season 2 through 5 of dystopian drama The Handmaid's Tale, winning many awards in the process including three Emmys for Best Production Design.

Moderator: Léa-Valérie Létourneau


Sponsored by DGC Quebec


1:45-3:30PM ET

Claude Paré's guide to working in Production Design

'The Adam Project', 'It', and 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Production Designer Claude Paré discusses his long and storied career working his way up to the biggest budgets through the highs and lows from breakthrough films to failed interviews and the entire process in-between.

Moderator: Vincent Gingras-Liberali


Sponsored by DGC Quebec


11-12:30PM ET


Storytelling and Character building in Production design with François Séguin and Emmanuel Fréchette

In this discussion, production designers François Séguin (Brooklyn, Barbarian Invasions) and Emmanuel Fréchette (Two Lovers and a Bear, Monsieur Lazhar) converse about building character into the visual elements when there's very little fleshed out in the script and a designer is allowed the space to create the backstory that continues telling the story. 

Moderator: Félix Larivière-Charron


Sponsored by Bureau du Cinéma et de la Télévision du Québec


3:45-5:30PM ET

Cocktails will follow after closing remarks at 6:30PM ET


Al Green Theater at Miles Nadal JCC | 750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON


Opening Keynote Speaker:  Shaping Stories with Paul Austerberry

Oscar-winning Production Designer of The Shape of Water, Paul Austerberry will give the opening keynote address in Toronto, followed by a discussion. 


Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by DGC Ontario


9am-10:45AM ET


Dissecting Horror: Designing for Maximum Impact

Panelists discuss their work on horror films often creating visually heightened environments that keep the audience on their toes. Do these production designers work any differently from their normal process when working in the horror genre, or do they attack a project the same way every time? How do they work best with prosthetic artists, special effects and visual effects artists to create the look of the film? These questions and more will be explored.


Panelists: Jennifer Spence (The Nun, Paranormal Activity 2, 3, 4), Peter Mihaichuk (Thanksgiving, Rabid, V/H/S 94), John Dondertman (Chucky, Orphan Black)

Moderator: David Hackl (PD: Saw II,III,IV, Dir: Saw V)


Sponsored by Walter Klassen


11-12:30PM ET


Masterclass with Production Designer Tamara Deverell

Award winning production designer Tamara Deverell will sit down with us to discuss her work with Sofia Coppola and Guillermo del Toro on such productions as 'Priscilla', 'Cabinet of Curiosities', 'The Strain', and 'Nightmare Alley'.


Moderator: Sean Breaugh


Sponsored by DGC Ontario


1:30-3PM ET


A Case Study on ‘Women Talking’ with Production Designer Peter Cosco

'Women Talking' production designer Peter Cosco takes us through the creative thinking and decision making from the script to the screen on the Oscar nominated film.


Moderator: Brian Verhoog


Sponsored by DGC Ontario


3:15-4:30PM ET


Designing Music Videos: Bold Creatives and Experimental Thinking

Panelists discuss their design work on top music videos as they touch on the pros and cons of working in the medium.


Panelists: Electa Porado, Noelle Hindi

Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by Sesler


4:45-6PM ET


A Case Study on 'What We Do in the Shadows' with Production Designer Shayne Fox

Production Designer Shayne Fox discusses her turn from Set Decorator to Production Designer of What We Do in the Shadows and dives deep into her recent design work on Season 5.


Moderator: Jody Clement


Sponsored by Pulp Art Surfaces


9-10:45AM ET

Navigating Production Design in Independent Filmmaking

With decreasing budgets and prep time for independent films over the years it's become increasingly difficult to navigate these landmines while keeping "the main thing, the main thing," as production designer Jeannine Oppewall often says. So how do we scale back and work with what we have to make it work without sacrificing the main thing-- the story?


Panelists: Chareese McLaughlin (Hell of a Summer, Ankle Biters) , Chelsy Ubaldo (I Hate People, People Hate Me; Rien de Mal), Dialla Kawar (Soft, Quickening, Learn to Swim),Helen Kotsonis (Islands, Jean of the Joneses, Astronaut)

Moderator: Rose Lagace


Sponsored by FTWK


11-12:30PM ET


Designing for Commercials: Staying Creative in a Client-Focused Landscape

Designers of some of Canada's biggest commercials sit down and discuss how they stay creative in their process while the clients hold the cards.


Panelists: Jay Pooley, Ben Gerlis, Daria Savic, Zazu Myers, Flora Yin

Moderator: Melanie Garros


Sponsored by Mantl


1:30PM-3:00PM ET

Designing for Television: Speed and Flexibility

These production designers discuss their latest work in television, working with all the challenges that come along with working at great speed while trying to keep the vision at the core of the story.


Panelists: Ingrid Jurek (Sort Of, Titans, Mary Kills People) , Liz Bischof (Son of a Critch, Rising Suns, Hello (Again) ), Brian Verhoog (The Hardy Boys, Blood and Water, One More Time), Danielle Sahota (Slip, Working Moms, The Lake)

Moderator: John Dondertman


Sponsored by Walter Klassen


3:15PM-4:45PM ET

Set Decoration Masterclass with Set Decorator Gordon Sim

A Set Decoration masterclass with Gordon Sim taking us through his work, from his big Oscar win for Chicago, building a great working relationship with Production Designer John Myhre to his latest film, The Little Mermaid.


Moderator: Sean Breaugh


Sponsored by Shot Deck


5:00PM-6:00PM ET


Day 1 - Cultch Historic Theater | 1895 Venables St, Vancouver, BC
Day 2 - Mammoth Studios | 2880 Underhill Ave, Burnaby, BC


Building Worlds: An Exploration of the Production Design Process

This will be an open dialogue between panelists discussing their experiences fleshing out the world of the script. The words “World Building” get thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean in practice to these production designers. We’ll find out.


Panelists: Production Designers, Michael Joy (Resident Alien, Easter Sunday), Margot Ready (Yellowjackets, The Magicians), Chris August (Fakes, To All the Boys: Always and Forever), and Jennifer Morden (Fresh, Riot Girls)

Moderator: Justin Ludwig


Sponsored by Sesler


10am-12PM PT


Forming an Art Department That Inspires

In this discussion panelists will speak on how they find and build the best art department for the needs of their shows as well as how we might go about creating better work environments for our art department including better conflict resolution management, more diversity, and increased training so art department members can more often meet the needs of the team. While no one has all the answers, this will be a healthy conversation about how we might build the best art department for a creative and productive workflow.
Panelists: Cheryl Marion (PD: Lucky Hank, Firefly Lane), Andrew Li (Sup. Art: The Spiderwick Chronicles, Art Dir: The Last of Us), Micheal Norman Wong (PD: Joy Ride, Wayward Pines)
Moderator: Michael Joy


Sponsored by Pete Prints


3-4:15PM PT


Creating Worlds and Exploring Character in Episodic Television

In this open dialogue, panelists will discuss how they built story and character into the worlds they created for these iconic TV shows. In every frame there lives an innate opportunity to use the environment to say more than the dialogue leads you to believe.
Panelists: Mark Freeborn (Breaking Bad, Bates Motel), Jerry Wanek (Superman & Lois, Supernatural), James Philpott (The 100, Smallville), and Jenny Wilson (The Flash, TV)
Moderator: Cheryl Marion


Sponsored by Pulp Art Surfaces


1:30PM-2:45PM PT


They Don’t Pay Me to Say No: My Life in Props with Dean Goodine

In this conversation, Prop Master of Peter Pan & Wendy, Schmigadoon!, See, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Assassination of Jesse James, Dean Goodine will read a short passage from his recent book, "They Don't Pay Me to Say No: My Life in Film & Television Props" and share stories and lessons from his long and successful career in the property department.


Moderator: Production Designer, Mark Freeborn (Breaking Bad, Bates Motel).


Sponsored by Walter Klassen


4:30-6PM PT


Finding and Manifesting Ideas in Visual Storytelling

Panelists: Brent Thomas (Woman of the Hour, The Art of Racing in the Rain), Jeremy Stanbridge (Surface, Turner & Hooch TV), and Stephen Geaghan (Snowpiercer TV, Lucifer), Justin Ludwig (PD: Joe Pickett, Sup. AD: Under the Banner of Heaven, Pachinko)

Moderator: Set Decorator, Sandy Walker


Sponsored by IATSE 891


9:30AM-10:45AM PT


Designing Virtual Worlds: Working with the Virtual Art Department

In this session, attendees will be invited inside the largest volume studio in the Vancouver area at Mammoth Studios with ILM on hand to introduce the volume and discuss all of the possibilities for those new to the technology, as well as dive deeper into how the traditional art department works with the virtual art department (VAD). A Q&A will follow.

Panelists: ILM with Chris Beach (Sup. AD: Welcome to Marwen, Altered Carbon, AD: Peter Pan & Wendy,  The Adam Project)


Sponsored by Industrial Light and Magic




Sketch Session

Join colleagues for an informal 'plein air' outdoor sketch meetup where we get back to basics and draw for pleasure or to improve our creative practice. All sketching mediums and skill levels welcome.

Tuesday, October 24th at 10-11am ET
Location: Berczy Park
Address: 35 Wellington St E, Toronto, Ontario



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